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You're a Star, Shine your Light !!

Be the change you want to see.  Realign to that Master within you.  

                Allow that energy to come forth into this world. 

                 This world needs your unique flavour of magic.


About Deborah Collings

 Wholeness via Quantum Healing

What you become is your offering to this World.


I live what I call an " Integrated life " in a human incarnation with seamless access to my "Higher Self/Multidimensional Self" beyond Earth.


I recognize my purpose has two main "flavours".

 To assist others with that same desire AND also to help the incredible NEW Star-seeded children (we are blessed to have one as our son!).

YOU do have the answers to everything WITHIN you.


You are your own Master,  but in order to experience life this way you need to assume responsibility for your own life, your own personal Matrix. 

Once you do this,  you realign WITHIN and your world becomes your dream.

Put another way we could say, you awaken within your dream!

I approach everything I do with purposeful passion and efficiency.  If you work with me prepare to take Quantum leaps !

If your preferred pace is slow and methodical, I am probably not the right energetic fit for you.


I Offer Three Quantum Services

Everything I offer will assist you with your own alignment to that Master within yourself. 


All services offered access the Quantum Field, I experience myself as a doorway to this.

As Einstein once said "You cannot change a problem with the same level of thinking with which it was created", thus the need to go QUANTUM !!

1. QHHT - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Developed by the late Dolores Cannon, QHHT is a UNIQUE method of what I consider to be QUANTUM hypnotherapy. 

Dolores had over 45 years of experience in hypnotherapy/past life regression and this is distilled into the QHHT  process.

An incredible process, an incredible Lady! - see here for more details


I have facilitated QHHT for over 10 years.  I have seen thousands of clients and feel a true ALIGNMENT and PASSION for this process.

​I allocate up to 6 hours for your QHHT session.  Typically 90 minutes is spent going through your questions and getting crystal clear about what your intent for your session is.    The hypnosis/journey part lasts between 75 - 120 minutes and the remainder of the time is spent debriefing and enjoying a light refreshment.​​

Some people only ever have 1 session whilst others have 2, 3 or more.  Everybody is unique and all sessions are different. 

  • Sessions are held 1-1 IN PERSON in a private home office. 

  • Investment for the INITIAL session is $595.00 AUD  Australian Dollars  

  • FOLLOW-UP sessions cost $395.00    ( 2 hour 30 min duration)  

  • If you would like your recording put on a "memory stick" please bring one with you.

* PAYMENT is due on the day of your session.*



My journey to Deborah was triggered by aching body parts, an internal unease and a strong desire to know my higher life purpose. I had just finished reading Dolores Cannon Convoluted series of books and was determined to find a QHHT practitioner to do their magic on me.  I found Deborah through her website and after a brief conversation on the phone felt comfortable to take the plunge.  


Upon seeing Deborah for the first time I knew immediately I had come to the right place. She is extremely passionate about her work and this was evident from the start.  Her intuition is spot on and she was able to use this to guide discussion prior to and during the session.


I feel completely transformed and not only more aligned to me but a much stronger connection with my wife and children.  I am even experiencing better relationships with my extended family where past disagreements have seemed to have dissipated. I am much more at ease with myself and my aches and pains are much better.


I am eternally grateful to Deborah and would recommend her to anyone looking to reconnect with their higher self.


Peter, Rosanna Vic

When I booked in my first session with Debs I was unaware of the nature of the quantum, however felt a resounding urge to do a session. The description on her website about IYL makes sense to me now but I had no idea at the time what most of it meant!


I am thankful I followed my intuition and extremely grateful to Debs for holding the space for all of this to happen.

Since then my life has opened up in amazing and exciting ways.

One of the things that I noticed straight away was Debs always directed me internally to my own source of wisdom. Personally I feel this is highly important and have always felt in-congruent whenever directed by others to place my belief, or energy in something external to myself (eg. Religion or closed opinions about popular topics etc.)

Energetically I was strongly re-aligned with my higher self.  Directly after the session I could tell what was my ego/human part talking and what was coming from my higher knowing. 
Debs was very helpful answering all my questions after the sessions, my life changed so positively all of my family have now had sessions!


Julian, Perth, WA

Deborah is highly intuitive and I found the initial consult helped me gain lots of clarity even before the (QHHT) hypnosis part. 
She is clear, supportive and non-judgmental which made me feel that I could really open up and trust her.  The issues I was bringing into the session were sensitive but she approached everything with professionalism and in a neutral but caring way.

Thank you Deborah for holding a space for me, and for assisting me in coming into my own knowing. I am eternally grateful.


Sally, St Kilda Vic 

It has been three weeks since my Integrate Your Life (IYL) session with Debs. I am still not sure I can explain in words (from my conscious mind that is) what we did, however I can share the "after effects" and how incredibly grateful I am.  


Prior to my session I had incessant mental babble.  This lead to an overall confusion and second guessing on everything!  I felt like I was going in circles and this was creating a lot of stress in my body.  I am so very happy to report this is no longer present!  This change alone has been worth its weight in Gold.  


Deb walks you through a new agreement with your mind, I never realized I could change how my mind works for me.  Now I realize it was like I was running on automatic until we interrupted the pattern.


She was also able to assist with a clearing of my 3rd Eye.  I could actually feel this happening which was amazing since I am in England and Debs is in Australia!   There was so much more we did within the session but to summarize the benefits, I have increased "aha" moments,  clarity and an overall calm in my body.


It definetly feels like I have plugged into more of me and that feels very good. Thank you Debs!


Richard, Cambridge, UK

Coming to see Deborah for a QHHT session was an incredibly powerful, expansive and vibrationally uplifting experience! Her warmth, vibrancy and welcoming nature coupled with her keen intuition, knowledge and scope of QHHT and other related fields, brought my QHHT session to be such a potent an encompassing experience.


Not only did Deborah help me to obtain the wisdom I needed of the lives brought forward in my session, but what was even more amazing, was the facilitation of my Higher Self's healing of my body. The healing of an 18 year old knee injury (damaged cartilage) and the significant improvement of my skin discolouration has been tangible proof of how amazing my session with her was. It has only been 2 weeks since my session!


Moreover, I feel that since my QHHT session, I have been completely recalibrated energetically and am in the most positive state I have ever been.


I highly recommend Deborah as a QHHT Therapist. Her lovely nature, intuitive gifts, expansive knowledge, practical advice and skilful approach make her a powerful facilitator in connecting you with your Higher Self to obtain the knowledge, wisdom and healing you need.


Deborah, Knox, VIC.


Interested in working with Deborah Collings?

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​DISCLAIMER:  QHHT, IYL and The Quantum Session are NOT intended to REPLACE medical advice or treatment.  The interpretation of all information gathered within these sessions is both subjective and personal.  Please note I assume NO responsibility for an individuals interpretation or use of the information gathered during their session.


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